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Compost Tumblers

How do Garden Composters Work?


SUN-MAR’s Autoflow technology on 200 and 400 models combines the best features of both pile and drum type composters.

The patented double drum ensures that as the drum rotates, compost moves along the main outer drum and back through the inner drum, before dropping from the output port.

How Does this Work?

200 and 400 Units

The 200 and 400 units consist of an outer main drum, with an inner drum inside it, supported at both ends by the outer drum. The whole drum assembly is supported by a cradle. At the far end of the inner drum is a “scoop” designed so that as the drum rotates, material is picked up by the inner drum and pushed along the inner drum to the output port. When the outport port door is unscrewed composted material falls out into a container.

200 Inner Drum 400 Inner Drum
  • The output end is featured here.
  • The scoop end is featured here.
The inner drum picks up more material as the level of compost in the outer drum increases. The amount it picks up and conveys to the output port is also dependent on the number of rotations of the outer drum. This means that material travels automatically in a circular fashion before exiting the composting unit through the output port. This kind of continuous flow, means that material can be added continuously to the composting drum.

The output port is the output end of the inner drum which is surrounded by the cradle bearing into which it fits snugly. At the other end a 4" bearing on the outer drum fits into the a hole in the cradle, and is supported by a drum cap which prevents the drum from working its way out of the cradle.

200 Cradle 400 Cradle
Because the scoop is at the far end of the drum, compost is not picked up by the scoop until it has traveled the length of the drum from the input port end to the scoop end. Once the material gets into the inner drum it tends to dry out as it is conveyed back to the input/output end because it is separated from receiving any new moisture.



Benefits of Composting



A SUN-MAR Garden Composter is a gardener’s dream.

You know that by recycling you are doing the right thing, and it’s fun to produce your own compost effortlessly.

Benefits of composting kitchen and yard waste using a Compost Tumbler:

1. Reduced waste disposal costs

2. FREE source of fertilizer

3. Reduced water bills because soil mixed with compost retains water better than regular soil

4. Improved plant health due to improved soil structure and additional nutrients from the compost.

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